The synonym of CHIVALROUS is:

A. gallant

B. brave

C. impetuous

D. impoverished

World Capitals

Capital of Honduras is:

A. San Pedro Sula

B. Choloma

C. La Ceiba

D. Tegucigalpa

General Knowledge

The term 'Hung Parliament' describes a situation in which ?

A. Prime Minister deliberately avoids to attend the sessions of the parliament for a long period

B. Prime Minister has been removed through a vote-of no confidence but refused to step-down

C. No Single party has majority in the house

D. The ruling party has lost the majority in the upper house

General Science

Sound waves are ___ waves.

A. Transverse

B. Electromagnetic

C. Longitudinal

D. none of these


Progressive education emphasizes learning by___________?

A. reading

B. writing

C. doing

D. enjoying

General Science

The fourth state of matter is:

A. Water

B. Salts

C. Plasma

D. None of these

International Law

A Condominium is :

A. A State of Chaos

B. A State enjoying Dominion status

C. A particular territory over which joint dominion is exercised by two or more external powers.

D. A State with a Federal form of Constitution

Computer Science

External devices are linked to a small computer system through:

A. Channels

B. Control units

C. Plugs

D. interfaces

International Days

World Diabetes Day is observed on:

A. November 14

B. November 16

C. November 18

D. November 20


The synonym of FRACTIOUS is:

A. remark

B. stimulus

C. unfriendly

D. irritable