World Currency

The currency of Togo is:

A. West African CFA Franc

B. South African CFA Franc

C. Togrog

D. Loti

Pakistan Studies

In which year Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrote his famous book "The Indian Mussalmans"?

A. 1871

B. 1873

C. 1875

D. 1877

Pakistan Law

Who has authority to export narcotic drugs from Pakistan?

A. Muslims only

B. None

C. Everyone

D. Citizen of Pakistan


A fruit seller had some apples. He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples. Originally he had:

A. 300 apples

B. 400 apples

C. 500 apples

D. 700 apples

World Current Affairs

Which Ex Indian PM visited Pakistan on occasion of Kartarpur Corridor inauguration?

A. Atal Bihari Vajpai

B. Narendra Singh Modi

C. Manmohan Singh

D. Indar Kumar Gojal

World Currency

The currency of Slovenia is:

A. Pound

B. United States Dollar

C. Rand

D. Euro


The synonym of GUMPTION is:

A. fat

B. talkative

C. common sense

D. happiness

Pakistan Studies

Which is the least populated province of Pakistan?

A. Punjab

B. Sindh

C. Balochistan


Pakistan Studies

Indus Basin Treaty was signed in:

A. 1960

B. 1961

C. 1962

D. 1963

World Current Affairs

Name the newly elected President of Brazil who took oath on 1st January 2019 is_________?

A. Jair Bolsonaro

B. Michel Temer

C. Dilma Rousseff

D. None of the Above