The synonym of GUTTER is:

A. boldness

B. drain

C. leap at

D. rest on

Sentence Structure

I ________ here till Sunday.

A. shall be

B. will be

C. am

D. None of these

General Knowledge

Which one is the birth place of Liaquat Ali Khan

A. Delhi

B. Panipat

C. Karnal

D. Jalandhar


The synonym of BAWL is:

A. secured

B. shout

C. genuine

D. sound

Pakistan Law

Arsh denotes the compensation

A. To be paid to the victim or his heirs

B. To the state and victim

C. To the accused and his heirs

D. None of these

World Capitals

Capital of Angola is:

A. Luanda

B. Lobito

C. Cuito

D. Malanje


A quadrilateral having 4 equal sides and 4 right angles is called?

A. Rhombus

B. Square

C. Tetra-angled

D. Trapezoidal


The public are cautioned ________ pickpockets.

A. about

B. against

C. of

D. for


She and ___ met 10 years ago.

A. I

B. me

C. mine

D. None of these

World Capitals

Capital of Turkmenistan is:

A. Turkmenbashi

B. Ashgabat

C. Balkanabat

D. Mary