Operating System

Memory management is :

A. not used in modern operating system

B. replaced with virtual memory on current systems

C. not used on multiprogramming systems

D. critical for even the simplest operating systems

Islamic Studies

A Verse of the Holy Quran indicates the name of_______

A. Hazrat Saad

B. Hazrat Muaaz

C. Hazrat Zaid (33:37)

D. Hazrat Usman

World Currency

The currency of Mexico is:

A. Mexican Peso

B. Lats

C. Loti

D. Mexican Dollar

Operating System

A non-relocatable program is one which

A. cannot be made to execute in any area of storage other than the one designated for it at the time of its coding or translation.

B. consists of a program and relevant information for its relocation.

C. can itself performs the relocation of its address-sensitive portions.

D. all of the above

Computer Science

______ is the basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data

A. Sheet tab

B. Cell

C. Box

D. Row


What is the sum of all prime numbers from 60 to 80 ?

A. 361

B. 341

C. 351

D. 349


Which from the following should be used in order to increase correct responses and appropriate behavior by students?

A. Praise

B. Reward

C. Ignorance

D. Strictness


The synonym of ABRADE is:

A. fabricate

B. abstract

C. graze

D. to open

General Knowledge

Insomnia is related to

A. Sleeplessness

B. Hypertension

C. Fear of water

D. None of these


I am not concerned ________ his affairs.

A. for

B. of

C. about

D. None of these