Team activity to summarize reading is also termed as:

A. Group Summary

B. Relay Summary

C. Group Presentation

D. None of these

NAB Ordinance (1999)

The President of Pakistan, in consultation with the ______, is competent to make any order for the purpose of removing any difficulties in respect of NAB ordinance

A. Chief Justice of Pakistan

B. Chief Justice of High Court

C. Chief Minister of Pakistan

D. Prime Minister of Pakistan

Books and Literature

Who among the following argues that the fault lines of civilization are the breeding grounds of conflicts in the 21st century?

A. Francis Fukuyama

B. Samuel Huntington

C. Henry Kissinger

D. None of these


Assuming that everyone is law-abiding, which of the following would not reduce the quantity traded in a market?

A. The imposition of an effective price ceiling.

B. The removal of an effective price floor.

C. The imposition of a supply-side quantity control.

D. The imposition of a demand-side quantity control.


A person who proposed sending machines in space was

A. Yuri Gagarian

B. Robert Goddard

C. Jules Verne

D. Konstantin Tsiolkovosky

Islamic Studies

How many Surah are regarding the Hazrat Ayyub (peace be upon him) in the holy Quran?

A. Three

B. Four

C. Seven

D. None of these

World Capitals

Capital of Serbia is:

A. Novia Sad

B. Nis

C. Subotica

D. Belgrade


Which one is a step of metallurgical process ?

A. Rustin

B. Roasting

C. Crystallization

D. None of these

General Knowledge

The first secretary general of UNO was _______.

A. Thant

B. Trygve Lie

C. Sandome Lee

D. Kofi Anan

Islamic Studies

How many muslims did participate in the battle of Badr?

A. 313

B. 200

C. 324

D. None of these