Astronomy Preparation

Newest space station which is constructed in LEO is





Payload of Titan IV was

A. 1400kg

B. 1770kg

C. 18000kg

D. 29500kg

The great Spot is a:

A. Mountain

B. Storm

C. Frozed Carbon Dioxide

D. None of these

Any man-made object sent in space to orbit around certain body is called

A. geostationary orbit

B. low earth orbit

C. artificial satellite

D. natural satellite

Space-age spinoffs includes

A. smoke detectors

B. invisible braces

C. medical laser

D. All of the above

Which is smallest in diameter?

A. Jupiter

B. Mercury

C. Venu

D. None of these

The hottest planet is

A. Mercury

B. Venus

C. Jupiter

D. Saturn

Landsat program began in

A. 1972

B. 2003

C. 1973

D. 1937

In order to orbit a moon or a planet certain speed and direction is required which is called

A. escape velocity

B. orbital velocity

C. suborbital velocity

D. centripetal velocity

In 1966 first space probe which landed on moon was

A. Luna 1

B. Luna 9

C. Sputnik 1

D. Terra 1