Computer Science Preparation

To copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard use:

A. All key

B. Shift Key

C. Print Screen Key

D. None of these

The binary system uses powers of

A. 2

B. 10

C. 8

D. 16

The objects can be inherited by _____________.

A. A single object only

B. A single object only

C. Both (a) and (b)

D. None of these

In a computer science a device which encodes characters by the depression of keys is known as ?

A. Plotters

B. Keyboard

C. Mouse

D. Hard Device

CD is an optical disk format that is used to hold:

A. Prerecorded Text

B. Graphics

C. Sound

D. All of these

Which of the following have low failure rate?

A. Mechanical devices

B. Electronic devices

C. Electro mechanical devices

D. None of the above

The internet was originally project of a government agency named.

A. Nasa

B. Dod

C. Epa

D. Apra

Formula in MS Excel starts with the sign:

A. <

B. >

C. +

D. =

Which are the following hardware devices

A. Motherboard

B. Processor

C. Hard Disc

D. All of These

What is shortcut for page break in MS Word ?

A. Ctrl + Enter

B. Shift + Enter

C. Space + Enter

D. None of these