World Currency Preparation

The currency of The Bahamas is:

A. Euro

B. Birr

C. Bahamian Dollar

D. Convertible Mark

The currency of Uzbekistan is:

A. Fuerte

B. United States Dollar

C. Som

D. Vatu

The currency of Somalia is:

A. Somali Rand

B. Somali Shilling

C. Somali Dollar

D. Somali Rupee

The currency of Vietnam is:

A. Loti

B. Shekel

C. Dong

D. Kip

The currency of United States of America is:

A. United States Pound

B. United States Euro

C. United States Dollar

D. United States Peso

The currency of Liberia is:

A. Liberian Dollar

B. Libyan Dinar

C. Swiss franc

D. Lithuanian Litas

The currency of Tunisia is:

A. Tunisian Dinar

B. Tunisian Rupee

C. Tunisian Riyal

D. Tunisian Dirham

The currency of Argentina is:

A. Argentino Peso

B. Bahamian Dollar

C. Belize Dollar

D. Cape Verdean Escudo

The currency of Cape Verde is:

A. Comorian Franc

B. Belize Dollar

C. Dram

D. Cape Verdean Escudo

The currency of Bahrain is:

A. Belize Dollar

B. Som

C. Ringgit

D. Bahraini Dinar