English Preparation

Select the correct meaning of: “To be above board:”

A. to have a good height

B. To be honest in any business

C. They have no debts

D. To try to be beautiful

Antonym of “labor” is ___________.

A. amuse

B. surrender

C. rest

D. strive

What does “to break the Ice” mean?

A. To Start Sleep

B. To start a conversation

C. To end friendship

D. To cool

Antonym of INORDINATE is _____________?

A. Dizzying

B. Wasteful

C. Wanton

D. Moderate

Choose the passive voice of the following statement. "All agreed to what I proposed"

A. What I proposed was agreed to by all.

B. What was proposed agreed by all.

C. What has been proposed agreed by all.

D. All of These

The petrol boat picked up signals of a ship in:

A. Destress

B. distressed

C. distressingly

D. None of these

Children promised ______ quiet.

A. To

B. To be

C. of being

D. None of these

Antonym of “spurious” is _______________.

A. flexible

B. thoughtless

C. provident

D. genuine

The current Chief Justice has pledge ___________ to the rules of the court.

A. Adherence

B. Denial

C. Shyness

D. None of these

'Power' is

A. Abstract Noun

B. Collective Noun

C. Proper Noun

D. None of these