General Knowledge Preparation

The place of origin of an earthquake is called___________?

A. Seismic focus

B. Seismal

C. Epicenter

D. Amphidromic Point

126 years old cold drink which start making alcohol is

A. Fanta

B. Pepsi

C. Coca Cola

D. 7 Up

Buraq Air is the airline of___________?

A. Libya

B. Syria

C. Jordan

D. Turkey

Day and night are equal on

A. 21st March

B. 21st September

C. 1st October

D. 21st December

Indian P.M Narenda Moda according to Hindu caste system is

A. Ghanchi

B. Sudras

C. Vesh

D. None of these

The flag of Denmark is the oldest state flag still in use. The flag is known as:

A. Dannebrog

B. Union flag

C. Union Jack

D. Deuche

Mohs’ Scale” is used to indicate the_________?

A. Degree of hardness of minerals

B. Degree of viscosity of a liquid

C. Degree of elasticity of a material

D. Degree of brittleness of a substance

Beginning of Mughal empire started after defeat of__________?

A. Ibrahim Lodhi

B. Momal Lodhi

C. Ranjeet Lodhi

D. None of these

Which country's parliament is considered the oldest Parliament ?


B. China

C. Iceland

D. Russia

Deng Xiaoping is famous in ________ profession.

A. Scientist

B. Politician

C. Actor

D. None