General Knowledge Preparation

How many countries have French as their official language?

A. 28 Countries

B. 29 Countries

C. 30 Countries

D. 27 Countries

10 decameters are equal to:

A. 2 hectometers

B. 3 hectometers

C. 1 hectometer

D. 4 hectometers

Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in__________?

A. Indonesia

B. Egypt

C. South Africa

D. South Korea

Sui generis is a latin term for

A. Unique

B. Generous

C. Sui Gas

D. Common

Author of the book “The Making of Modern Sindh” is____________?

A. Rasool Bux Palijo

B. Ibrahim Joyo

C. Hamida Khuhro

D. Amar Jalil

Who is the known as the father of taxonomy?

A. Aristotle

B. Fransco Redi

C. Carolus Linnaeus

D. Rachel Carson

In which country Godwin Austin is located

A. India

B. China

C. Pakistan

D. Iran

Who was Bismarck?

A. German Navy Destroyer

B. German Politician and statesman

C. Orator

D. German Novelist

The study of past and present landscapes is called

A. Anthropology

B. Archaelogoy

C. Geomorphology

D. None of these

King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud named the Kingdom of Hajaz and Hand as Saudi Arabia in:

A. 1924

B. 1930

C. 1932

D. 1936