General Science Preparation

Radioactivity was discovered by

A. Henri Becquerel

B. Marie Curie

C. Rontgen

D. None of these

Which among the following is not a fossil fuel.

A. Coal

B. Oil

C. Uranium

D. None of these

Largest planet in solar system is:

A. Uranus

B. Jupiter

C. Saturn

D. None of these

LIGO detector in Feb 2016 detected

A. Gravitational waves

B. Electric waves

C. Radio waves

D. None of these

Which scale is used to measure earthquake?

A. Richter scale

B. Ordinal scale

C. Interval scale

D. None of these

Which one of the following is an acid


B. H2SO4

C. C6H1206

D. None of these

Sound waves are ___________ waves.

A. Latitudinal

B. Electromagnetic

C. Longitudinal

D. None of these

Aorta is an organ of

A. Circulatory system

B. Skeleton

C. Skull

D. None of these

Wind energy is the _________ energy.

A. Potential

B. Transverse

C. Kinetic

D. None of these

Chromosomes are made up of:



C. Proteins

D. Ammo Acids