Geography Preparation

Which sea is located in Central asia?

A. Red sea

B. North sea

C. Aral sea

D. Japan Sea

Which country is called land of "Mighty Rivers" ?

A. Korea

B. Nigeria

C. Egypt

D. Ethiopia

The prime Meridian passes through

A. Britian

B. America

C. Switzerland

D. Finland

Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of ?

A. River Spree

B. River Volga

C. River Danube

D. River Ob

Which is the longest shipping canal of the world ?

A. Suez Canal

B. Panama

C. Beloye-Moer

D. Gota

Afghanistan is located in __________.

A. Eastern Asia

B. South Asia

C. Western Asia

D. Central Asia

Lake Tana is located in ____ ?

A. Ethiopia

B. Ghana


D. Kenya

Which of the following country is located in the Levant region

A. Iran

B. France

C. Iraq

D. Syria

Which city is called city of canals?

A. Rome

B. Venice

C. London

D. Paris

India-Nepal-China corridor was proposed by:

A. India

B. China

C. Nepal

D. None of the above