History of Pakistan and India Preparation

Khudadad Khan was the first South Asian soldier in the British Army to receive the highest military award for gallantry, the Victoria Cross, during the First World War. In which country was he fighting where he performed the act of bravery which earned him the Victoria Cross.

A. France

B. Austria

C. Belgium

D. None of these

Prince Dara Shikoh was son of which Mughal Emperor?

A. Akbar

B. Jahangir

C. Aurangzeb

D. Shahjahan

East India company occupied Punjab in

A. 1846

B. 1849

C. 1843

D. 1850

Liaquat Ali Khan was a minister in

A. Nehru Cabinet

B. Gandhi Cabinet

C. Patel Cabinet

D. None of the above

Simon Commission visited India in 1928 and compiled its final report in

A. 1930

B. 1931

C. 1932

D. 1934

State of Kashmir was purchased by Gulab Singh for:

A. Rs 8.5 million

B. Rs 7.5 million

C. Rs 9.5 million

D. Rs 5.5 million

The Simla Conference of 1945 failed due to

A. Arrogance of Congress Leaders

B. Arrogance of Muslim League Leaders

C. The Dmogatory Approach about Muslims by the Indus Press

D. Demand by Quaid to have All Muslim seats to be allocated to the Muslim League

The first Anglo Mysore war was fought in the year

A. 1764

B. 1766

C. 1769

D. 1770

When did Quaid-e-Azam resign from the Congress?

A. 1913

B. 1916

C. 1920

D. 1922

Congress agreed separate electorates for Muslims in:

A. Reforms Pact

B. Delhi Pact

C. Lucknow Pact

D. Delhi Muslim Pact