International Law Preparation

A diplomatic agent is immune from local jurisdiction:

A. In all cases

B. Criminal cases

C. In cases involving personal property

D. None of these

Tashkent declaration between India and Pakistan in 1966 by USSR was a:

A. Conciliation

B. Mediation

C. Arbitration

D. None of these

The headquarters of The United Nations is located at:

A. Geneva

B. Vienna

C. New York

D. Washington

The doctrine of open sea was eloborated by:

A. Blunt schilli

B. Pufendorf

C. Grotius

D. None of these

The principle of jus oogens means:

A. A peremptory norm of International Law

B. A State is bound by the provisions of a forced treaty

C. A successor State is bound by the acts, of a predecessor State.

D. None of these

Harmon Doctrine means:

A. A State cannot interfere in internal affairs of other states

B. A State is not bound to recognize a government installed by a foreign power

C. A State has absolute right over the water resources of an international river within its own territory.

D. A State has the right to use power to protect its nationals

The father of International Law is:

A. David Dudley field

B. Hugo Grotius

C. Geremy bentham

D. None of these

Pakistan became the member of UNO in:

A. 1948

B. 1947

C. 1950

D. None of these

If a Pakistani citizen is involved in counterfeiting US currency, US can claim jurisdiction over him on the basis of principle of:

A. Subjective Territoriality

B. Objective Territoriality

C. Exta Territoriality

D. None of these

The headquarters of ICAO are located at:

A. Vienna

B. New York

C. Nairobi

D. Montreal