International Law Preparation

The headquarters of The United Nations is located at:

A. Geneva

B. Vienna

C. New York

D. Washington

Geneva convention for POWs was signed in:

A. 1949

B. 1952

C. 1945

D. None of these

Charter of international criminal court was adopted in:

A. Rome conference 1998

B. Geneva Convention

C. General Assembly

D. None of these

The Schooner exchange case dealt with the principle of:

A. A State has sovereign right over its natural resources

B. A State's right of reprisal in case of violation of rights

C. A State's courts have to accept the validity of a foreign State's acts.

D. A government is free to seek military assistance from a friendly State.

Albama claim Arbitration determines the principles of:

A. Extradition

B. Nationality

C. Neutrality

D. None of these

Which article of the statute of ICJ deals with the sources of international law?

A. 36

B. 40

C. 38

D. None of these

The International Law Commission is a body to:

A. Investigate situations which may threaten international peace and security

B. Codify International Law

C. Conciliate between/among the disputing states

D. Constitute an arbitration tribunal for the pacific settlement of a dispute.

Tobar doctrine is related to:

A. The Cognition of a State

B. The recognition of a Government

C. The recognition of insurgents.

D. None of these

Tashkent declaration between India and Pakistan in 1966 by USSR was a:

A. Conciliation

B. Mediation

C. Arbitration

D. None of these

Extradition is normally granted:

A. In all cases

B. In criminal cases

C. In civil cases

D. None of these