Pedagogy Preparation

Which from the following should be used in order to increase correct responses and appropriate behavior by students?

A. Praise

B. Reward

C. Ignorance

D. Strictness

In cooperative learning method, the role of teacher is of__________?

A. facilitator

B. delegator

C. facilitator and delegator

D. delegator and formal authority

The idea of teaching the whole child in the “philosophy of pragmatism in education” means teaching students to be good

A. learners

B. thinkers

C. scientists

D. citizens

When instruction is delivered by a person close in age or achievement to the person receiving instruction, the process is known as:

A. Individual tutoring

B. Peer Coaching

C. Peer Tutoring

D. None of these

An assessment use to determine a person’s ability in a particular field of studies is called_________?

A. aptitude test

B. diagnostic test

C. evaluation

D. measurement

A normal human being has __________ senses.

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

The reasoning in which the given statements are viewed as supplying strong evidence for the truth of the conclusion is called

A. Deductive Reasoning

B. Inductive Reasoning

C. Qualitative Reasoning

D. Quantitative Reasoning

Team activity to summarize reading is also termed as:

A. Group Summary

B. Relay Summary

C. Group Presentation

D. None of these

Dialectic method of inquiry was contributed by___________?

A. Socrates

B. Plato

C. Aristotle

D. John Dewey

The conclusion of a deductive argument is

A. certain

B. experience

C. observation

D. probable