Physics Preparation

If a body is at rest, then it will be in:

A. Static equilibrium

B. Dynamic equilibrium

C. Transitional equilibrium

D. Unstable equilibrium

The minimum velocity necessary to put a satellite into orbit is:

A. 7.1 ๐‘˜๐‘š ๐‘ ^โˆ’1

B. 7.3 ๐‘˜๐‘š ๐‘ ^โˆ’1

C. 7.9 ๐‘˜๐‘š ๐‘ ^โˆ’1

D. 8.9 ๐‘˜๐‘š ๐‘ ^โˆ’1

The prefix pico is equal to

A. 10^-6

B. 10^-18

C. 10^-12

D. 10^-9

Pull of earth on a mass of 20 kg on the surface of the earth is:

A. 20 N

B. 196 N

C. 19.6 N

D. 1960 N

A single vector having the same effect as all the original vectors taken together, is called

A. Position vector

B. Resultant vector

C. Unit vector

D. Equal vector

In the equation of continuity, the units of Av is given as:

A. Cubic meter

B. Cubic meter per second

C. Square meter per second

D. Square meter

Change in momentum is called:

A. Force

B. Impulse

C. Acceleration

D. Torque

The slope of the velocity-time graph is:

A. Acceleration

B. Distance

C. Force

D. Momentum

The S.I units of spring constant are:

A. m^โˆ’1

B. Nm^โˆ’1

C. Nm^โˆ’2

D. Nm^2

For which position, blood pressure in the body has the smallest value?

A. Standing straight

B. Sitting on chair

C. Sitting on ground

D. Lying horizontally