Antonyms Preparation

Antonym of INEXORABLE is _____________?

A. Repetitive

B. Tractable

C. Garish

D. Brackish

Servile is the opposite of

A. Puerile

B. Futile

C. Haughty

D. Foul

Antonym of ANTIPATHY is _____________?

A. Liking

B. Pathetic

C. Provocation

D. Bluntness

Antonym of BARREN is _____________?

A. Fertile

B. Rejecting

C. Crater

D. Lacking freedom

Antonym of HYPOTHESIS is:

A. fact

B. theory

C. experiment

D. conclusion

Antonym of PORTLY is _____________?

A. Briskly

B. Vessel

C. Slender

D. Entirely

Which word is opposite to 'Offend'?

A. Confront

B. Inflict

C. Acclaim

D. None of these

Antonym of ABSOLUTE is:

A. Scarce

B. Limited

C. Faulty

D. Deficient

Antonym of LISTLESS is _____________?

A. Turbulent

B. Prolific

C. Peace

D. Dynamic

Antonym of TEMPERNCE is _____________?

A. Miserliness

B. Callousness

C. Dissipation

D. Sloth