Synonyms Preparation

The synonym of AGGRANDIZE is:

A. exaggerate

B. small

C. dangerous

D. over

The synonym of DANK is:

A. damp

B. modest

C. pleasant

D. quick

The synonym of FOGYISH is:

A. broker

B. old-fashioned

C. perceptible

D. commissioner

The synonym of ABSTEMIOUS is:

A. sorry

B. to follow

C. saying

D. self-denying

The synonym of BESEECHING is:

A. health

B. imploring

C. power

D. impact

Malafide means

A. At in bad faith

B. To harm

C. To cause injury

D. Maladjustment

The synonym of DECANT is:

A. pour

B. suitable

C. applicable

D. All of the above

The synonym of ADIEU is:

A. take part

B. hostility

C. goodbye

D. participation

The synonym of GOAD is:

A. give money

B. provoke

C. chance

D. make beautiful

The synonym of CULT is:

A. trendy

B. withheld

C. inferior

D. thoroughfare