Appraising & Valuation Officer Preparation

This is randomly generated sample paper for the post of Appraising & Valuation Officer according to the Syllabus. It will be renewed everytime when you will return or refresh the Page.


Antonym of SCURRILOUS is_____________?

A. Abusive

B. Ribald

C. Decent

D. Mitigate


Antonym of “spurious” is _______________.

A. flexible

B. thoughtless

C. provident

D. genuine


Antonym of “banal” is __________.

A. sincere

B. wealthy

C. extraordinary

D. trustworthy


Antonym of ” Heartfelt ” is _____________?

A. Loving

B. Insincere

C. Unhealthy

D. Humorous


They went ____ the rain ?

A. Under

B. Despite

C. Inspite

D. None of these


He asked me "did you see the new car"

A. He asked if I saw the new car.

B. He said to me If I seen the new car.

C. He asked me has I seen the new car

D. None of the above


The artist's work of art is worthy _______ praise.

A. For

B. Of

C. To

D. None of these


Please ______ me to pay the milk man.

A. Remember

B. Remind

C. Ask

D. None of these


Please move _____ quickly.

A. On

B. Of

C. In

D. None of these


Children promised ______ quiet.

A. To

B. To be

C. of being

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

Can you sing as well as __________________.

A. me

B. him

C. be

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

This is the best ________ we can do.

A. that

B. which

C. of

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

We often deceive _____________.

A. ourselves

B. themselves

C. myself

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

I ________ here till Sunday.

A. shall be

B. will be

C. am

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

Your pen is __________ the box.

A. in

B. into

C. inside

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

She said that she was happy.

A. Direct

B. Complex

C. Indirect

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

He won many medals.

A. Complex

B. Simple

C. Compound

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

I went because I was invited.

A. Compound

B. Complex

C. Simple

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

Though he is rich he is honest.

A. Simple sentence

B. Complex sentence

C. Compound sentence

D. None of these

Sentence Structure

Either the engine starts, or we will remain here all night.

A. Complex

B. Simple

C. Compound

D. None of these

Pakistan Current Affairs

______ has becomes the first South Asian country to test 5g services successfully:

A. India

B. Pakistan

C. Bangladesh

D. None

Pakistan Current Affairs

Which city has been Selected as the Host for the 22nd Edition of Commonwealth Games to be held in 2022?

A. Durban, South Africa

B. Delhi, India

C. Karachi, Pakistan

D. Tokyo, Japan FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

Pakistan Current Affairs

Which is the current National Security advisor of Donald Trump?

A. John R. Bolton

B. Mike Pence

C. John Roberts

D. None of the above

Pakistan Current Affairs

The current growth rate of population in Pakistan is:

A. 2.4%

B. 2.1%

C. 1.8%

D. 2.5%

Pakistan Current Affairs

Imran khan is the ______ Prime Minister of Pakistan

A. 21st

B. 23rd

C. 22nd

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

The 10th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) 2018 was held between:

A. 28-30 November 2018

B. 27-30 November, 2018

C. 27 November - 1st December 2018

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away

A. 8 July 2016

B. 8 July 2017

C. 8 July 2015

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

Who was PM of Pakistan at the formation of one unit

A. Ch. Rehmat Ali

B. Feroz Khan Noon

C. Liaquat Ali

D. Muhammad Ali Bogra

Pakistan Studies

For the preparation of National anthem a committee was constituted by the government in December 1948 under the chairmanship of:

A. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

B. Liaquat Ali Khan

C. Maulvi Tamiz-ud-Din

D. Fazl-e-Haque

Pakistan Studies

The land lying between Ravi and Chenab is called

A. Rachna Doab

B. Bari Doab

C. Chaj Doab

D. Sindh Sagar Doab

Pakistan Studies

How many times Pakistan won the "Blind Cricket World Cup"?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. Never

Pakistan Studies

From which country Pakistan purchased Gawadar?

A. Kuwait

B. Iran

C. Oman

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

The number of Federally Administrated areas in Pakistan is

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Pakistan Studies

Most of the electricity in Pakistan is produced by

A. Hydal Power

B. Nuclear Power

C. Solar Power

D. Thermal Power

Pakistan Studies

In which constitution Pakistan was officially declared Islamic Republic ?

A. 1956

B. 1962

C. 1973

D. 1975

Pakistan Studies

When Basic Principles committee presented formula ?

A. 1952

B. 1953

C. 1954

D. 1955

General Science

An ordinary mobile phone communicates by using

A. Sound Waves

B. Microwaves

C. Radio Waves

D. UV Waves

General Science

The forces acting at a point are called as:

A. Unit forces

B. Concurrent forces

C. Concurrent coplanar forces

D. None of these

General Science

The approximation in which original length is very small as compared to final stretched length is:

A. Elastic approximation

B. None elastic approximation

C. Slinky approximation

D. None of these

General Science

The disease Diphtheria affects which part of human body?

A. Lungs

B. Intestines

C. Throat

D. Joints

General Science

Microphone converts phone to sound into

A. Electrical Energy

B. Chemical Energy

C. Mechanical Energy

D. None of these

General Science

Long sighted person is corrected in the lens

A. Concave

B. Convex

C. Cylindrical

D. None of these

General Science

Which of the following is responsible for the largest amount of Oxygen on Earth?

A. Algae

B. Trees

C. Heat bogs

D. None of these

General Science

Shortsightedness can be corrected using:

A. Convex Lens

B. Concave Lens

C. Myopic Lencs

D. Focal Lens

General Science

The main constituent of Natural Gas is

A. Methane

B. Ethane

C. Carbon Monoxide

D. None of these

General Science

The longest bone in human body is ______ ?

A. Ulna

B. Tibia

C. Femur

D. Humerus

History of Pakistan and India

Princess Zebunissa was eldest daughter of Mughal Emperor?

A. Shah Jahan

B. Akbar

C. Jahangir

D. Aurangzed

History of Pakistan and India

Who was leader of Simla Deputation?

A. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

B. Allama Iqbal

C. Agha Khan

D. None of these

History of Pakistan and India

Amir Timur invaded Inida in

A. 12th century

B. 13th century

C. 14th century

D. None of the above

History of Pakistan and India

The Simla Conference of 1945 failed due to

A. Arrogance of Congress Leaders

B. Arrogance of Muslim League Leaders

C. The Dmogatory Approach about Muslims by the Indus Press

D. Demand by Quaid to have All Muslim seats to be allocated to the Muslim League

History of Pakistan and India

The historic garden Shalimar was built by Shah Jahan in:

A. 1634

B. 1639

C. 1642

D. 1652

Islamic Studies

Who are the “Sahibain”?

A. Abu Hanifah and Abu Yusuf

B. Abu Hanifah and Imam Shaibani

C. Abu Yusuf and Imam Shaibani

D. Abu Hanifah and Imam Shafi

Islamic Studies

What is the number of month “Rajab” in Islamic Calendar?

A. 1st

B. 7th

C. 5th

D. 11th

Islamic Studies

Which Surah is named after Elephant ?

A. Surah Namal

B. Sura Al-Ankboot

C. Sura Al-Hadeed

D. Sura Al-Feel

Islamic Studies

The real name of great Muslim reformer "Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah" was

A. Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi

B. Qutub-ud-din

C. Haji Shariat Ullah

D. Syed Ahmad Shaheed

Islamic Studies

The ride of Rami-Jumrat is performed at:

A. Mina

B. Muzdalfa

C. Arfaat

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

Hazrat Hamza RA embraced Islam in the year

A. 3 Nabvi

B. 5 Nabvi

C. 2 AH

D. 4 AH

Islamic Studies

Atique is the title of ?

A. Hazrat Abu Bakar

B. Hazrat Umar

C. Hazrat Usman

D. Hazrat Ali

Islamic Studies

Number of Sulasi Mujarrad

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Islamic Studies

Zakat is payable on silver of

A. 50 tolas

B. 52 tolas

C. 54 tolas

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

Cave of Hira is __________ km from makkah.

A. 2 km

B. 3 km

C. 4 km

D. 7km

General Knowledge

International students day is celebrated on____________?

A. 11 November

B. 17 November

C. 19 November

D. 25 November

General Knowledge

Russia withdrew from Afghanistan under the ___________?

A. Islamabad treaty

B. Kabul pact

C. Geneva Accord

D. Moscow Agreement

General Knowledge

How many acres are there in one hectare?

A. 2.47

B. 3.47

C. 4.47

D. None of these

General Knowledge

Eden Gardens ground of cricket is located in

A. Delhi

B. London

C. Glasgow

D. Calcutta

General Knowledge

WHO was the founder of Buddhism?

A. Raja Sadu

B. Siddhartha Gautama

C. Mahever

D. Sadhratha Wesali

General Knowledge

Who discovered South Pole ?

A. Cabot

B. Robert Peary

C. Amunsden

D. None of these

General Knowledge

Napolean Bonaparte was the King of:

A. France

B. Italy

C. England

D. None of these

General Knowledge

J.F. Kennedy is name of Airport of

A. Washington

B. New York

C. Seattle

D. California

World Current Affairs

Which Ex Indian PM visited Pakistan on occasion of Kartarpur Corridor inauguration?

A. Atal Bihari Vajpai

B. Narendra Singh Modi

C. Manmohan Singh

D. Indar Kumar Gojal

World Current Affairs

A Public Toilet Finder app is going to be launched on 19 November 2019 to help people, particularly tourists, find public toilets across the__________?

A. Sindh

B. Punjab


D. Baluchistan

World Current Affairs

Who is the Current Social Welfare and human rights Minister of Balochistan?

A. Mir AsadUllah Baloch

B. Zahoor Ahmed

C. Sana Baloch

D. Ahsan Shah

World Current Affairs

Who will replace Jamest Mattis current US secretary of Defence after 28th February 2019?

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. Mike Pompeo

C. Patrick M. Shanahan

D. None of the Above.

World Current Affairs

Which Country has recently imposed Carbon Tax from 2019 to cut its green house gas emissions?

A. Malaysia

B. Singapore

C. China


World Current Affairs

Which Cricket team first-ever Wins test series in Australia in January 2019?

A. Srilanka

B. England

C. India

D. South Africa

World Current Affairs

Which of the following is the first country in the world to recognize ‘Orphanage Trafficking’ as a form of modern Slavery’?

A. Japan

B. Sweden

C. Turkey

D. Australia


Term of Butterfly is used in which game

A. Polo

B. Swimming

C. Tennis

D. Cricket


'Davis Cup' is associated with which of the following game ?

A. Cricket

B. Volleyball

C. Badminton

D. Tennis


5/4 to 10/9 is same as:

A. 5:9

B. 9:10

C. 3:4

D. None of these


What percentage of 720 is 36?

A. 5%

B. 10%

C. 15%

D. None of these


(1.96/100)^1/2 =

A. 0.014

B. 0.14

C. 1.4

D. None of these


The product of two numbers is 1320 and their HCF is 6. The LCM of the numbers is:

A. 7920

B. 220

C. 1314

D. None of these


A train covers 240 miles in 24 minutes. Which time require for 650 miles ?

A. 65

B. 89

C. 109

D. None of these


if n = 4, y = 2 the (n + y)^2 = ?

A. 28

B. 32

C. 36

D. 12


If 8 men can reap 80 hectares in 24 day, how many hectares can 36 men reap in 30 days?

A. 400

B. 420

C. 450

D. 480


The work done by a force F=i+j+k in moving an object from a point p(1,1,1) to the point Q(1,2,2) is

A. 1

B. 2

C. 0

D. None of these


254 x ? x 8 =95504

A. 47

B. 49

C. 51

D. None of these


A rectangular carpet has an area of 120 square meters and perimeter of 46m. The length of its diagonal is:

A. 11m

B. 13m

C. 17m

D. None of these


Which number will complete the series ? 2, 5, 12, 23, 38, 57, .....

A. 9

B. 76

C. 80

D. 84


1/4 : 1/4 ?

A. 1/16

B. 1/3

C. 1/2

D. 1


A shopkeeper buys a watch for Rs 350 and sells it for Rs 392. Find his percentage of profit ?

A. 9%

B. 10%

C. 11%

D. 12%


A number of friends decided to go on a picnic and planned to spend Rs 96 on eatables. 4 of them however didn't tun up. As a consequences the remaining ones had to contribute Rs 4 each extra. The number of those who attended the picnic was

A. 8

B. 12

C. 16

D. 24


A triangle whose 2 sides and 2 angles are equal is known as:

A. Equilateral Triangle

B. Obtuse triangle

C. Isosceles Triangle

D. All of the above


If a:b=3:4 and b:c=2:3, what is a:b:c ?

A. 3:4:6

B. 9:2:3

C. 6:8:6

D. 9:12:6


The greatest number which divides the number 105, 1001, 2436 is ______.

A. 3

B. 7

C. 11

D. 21


Find the largest number which divides 62, 132 and 237 to leave the same remainder in each case

A. 35

B. 48

C. 36

D. None of these


Find the largest number of four digits exactly divisible by 12, 15, 18 and 27

A. 7920

B. 9720

C. 1890

D. None of these

Logical Reasoning

A, B, C, D, E and F are boys sitting in a round table. D is between C and F. A is sitting opposite of C. C and E are not neighbors. Which one of the following is true?

A. B is opposite to D

B. E and B are neighbors

C. E is opposite to C

D. F is between B and A

Computer Science

If a processor does not have direct and unassisted access to data items, these items are said to be:

A. Off-line

B. Time shared

C. Online

D. None of these

Books and Literature

The famous book "East of Eden" is the work of

A. John Steinbeck

B. R.W. Emerson

C. Bertrand Russel

D. Earnest Hemingway