Assistant Director (Intelligence Bureau) Preparation

This is randomly generated sample paper for the post of Assistant Director (Intelligence Bureau) according to the Syllabus. It will be renewed everytime when you will return or refresh the Page.

General Science

The principal constituent of the atmosphere of the Earth is

A. Oxygen

B. Carbon

C. Nitrogen

D. None of these

General Science

Which is not a conductor

A. Iron

B. Ferric

C. Sodium

D. All of the these are conductors


Antonym of DEXTEROUS is _____________?

A. Inexpert

B. Acute

C. Active

D. Able


Antonym of TACITURN is _____________?

A. Judge

B. Garrulous

C. Immense

D. Silent


Antonym of ” Sloppy ” is _____________?

A. Careful

B. Slapdash

C. Haphazard

D. Slovenly


"They should help him" it means:

A. He shall be helped

B. He should be helped

C. He will be helped

D. None of these


Many newspaper readers are ___________ by the superstitious writing style of editorials.

A. Belied

B. Bothered

C. bereaved

D. None of these


If you _________ your passport. You will be in great trouble.

A. Will lose

B. lose

C. lost

D. None of these


They have no one to blame for the trouble ____ themselves.

A. Except

B. Except for

C. Neither A and B

D. Both A and B


I am not concerned ________ his affairs.

A. for

B. of

C. about

D. None of these


She couldn't _______ a mustache to the photo of his headmaster in the newspaper.

A. resist to add

B. resist adding

C. resist from adding

D. None of these


Change the Voice of the following sentence: "I will have finished that book"

A. That book has been finished by me

B. That book will be finished by me

C. That book will have been finished by me

D. None of these


Express the meaning of the word 'HAGGLE'?

A. Bargain

B. Accept

C. Postpone

D. Reject


Nearly opposite in meaning to Naive

A. Cunning

B. Wealthy

C. Sophisticated

D. Complicated


Complete the Proverb: "The friend in need is a friend _____"

A. Not enemy

B. Of others

C. Indeed

D. Of course


Wag one's chin

A. Chattering

B. Tapping

C. Aiming

D. Cuddling


Which mark is used after nominative absolute.

A. Full Stop

B. Comma

C. Exclamation Mark

D. Apostrophe


I _____ home on next Monday

A. Will be going

B. Shall go

C. Will go

D. None of the above


The coat is ______ expensive.

A. Quite

B. Very

C. Too

D. None of above


He arrived _____ time to attend the meeting.

A. At

B. On

C. In

D. None of these


Win-win situation means:

A. A situation where all participants get profit

B. Where no one gets benefit

C. A game where everyone loses

D. All of above


Mentor means:

A. Trusted advisor

B. Guide

C. Ruler

D. Both a and b


The greatest number which exactly divides 1050 and 750 is:

A. 75

B. 25

C. 150

D. None of these


The product of two numbers is 1320 and their HCF is 6. The LCM of the numbers is:

A. 7920

B. 220

C. 1314

D. None of these


If 2x = 32 then x is equal to

A. 5

B. 3

C. 16

D. None of these


Complete the number series 4, 9, 13, 22, 35, ___?

A. 57

B. 70

C. 63

D. 75


if n = 4, y = 2 the (n + y)^2 = ?

A. 28

B. 32

C. 36

D. 12


The work done by a force F=i+j+k in moving an object from a point p(1,1,1) to the point Q(1,2,2) is

A. 1

B. 2

C. 0

D. None of these


A man has coats, e shirts and 5 trousers. In how many can he dress himself with coat, shirt, and trouser?

A. 90

B. 80

C. 70

D. None of these


A ball is selected at random from a box. if the box has 9 white, 8 Green and 3 Orange balls, the probability that the ball is not Orange is:

A. 12/20

B. 17/20

C. 11/20

D. None of these


What is the sum of all prime numbers from 60 to 80 ?

A. 361

B. 341

C. 351

D. 349


The length of a rectangular plot is 4(1/2) times that of its breadth. If the area of the plot is 200m^2 then what is its length?

A. 25m

B. 62m

C. 30m

D. None of these


A rectangular carpet has an area of 120 square meters and perimeter of 46m. The length of its diagonal is:

A. 11m

B. 13m

C. 17m

D. None of these


1/4 : 1/4 ?

A. 1/16

B. 1/3

C. 1/2

D. 1

A. 100 cm

B. 500 cm

C. 150 cm

D. 1000 cm


On selling 17 balls are Rs. 720 there is a loss equal to the cost price of 5 balls. The cost of a ball is:

A. 35

B. 40

C. 45

D. 60


If A's salary is 25% more than B's salary, then B's salary is how much lower than A's salary?

A. 33(1/3)%

B. 25%

C. 20%

D. 16(2/3)%


60 = ? % of 240 ?

A. 6

B. 12

C. 25

D. None of these


If a train passed two men walking in the same direction beside a track with a speed of 2 km and 4 km in 9 seconds and 10 second respectively, then the length of the train is:

A. 50 meters

B. 75 meters

C. 100 meters

D. 150 meters


The age of father 10 years ago was thrice the age of his son Ten years hence, father's age

A. 5:2

B. 7:3

C. 9:2

D. None of these


The average weight of X, Y and Z is 45 kg. If the average weight of X and Y be 40 kg and that of Y and Z be 43 kg then the weight of Y is

A. 17 kg

B. 20 kg

C. 26 kg

D. 31 kg

General Science

Which one of the following elements the drum of a Photostat machine is made up of:

A. Aluminium

B. Selenium

C. Barium

D. None of these

General Science

Which of the following is responsible for the largest amount of oxygen of Earth?

A. Algae

B. Trees

C. Peat bogs

D. Grass

General Science

Lack of Vitamin C causes

A. Scurvy

B. Beriberi

C. Blindness

D. Teeth Decay

General Science

The energy value of food is measured in

A. Joule

B. Calories

C. Tesla

D. None of these

General Science

Dialysis is used for

A. Kidney

B. Heart

C. Lungs

D. None of these

General Science

Long sighted person is corrected in the lens

A. Concave

B. Convex

C. Cylindrical

D. None of these

General Science

Aorta is an organ of

A. Circulatory system

B. Skeleton

C. Skull

D. None of these

General Science

Which is the longest bone in human body?

A. Tibia

B. Femur

C. Fibula

D. Humerus

General Science

In the composition of Earth , Oxygen is approximately

A. 20%

B. 38%

C. 46%

D. 58%

General Science

Radio active waves were discovered by

A. Al-Beruni

B. Einstein

C. Newton

D. Heinrich Hertz

General Science

Heat of sun-rays to earth is reduced by

A. Oxygen

B. Nitrogen

C. Ozone

D. None of the above

General Science

Dry ice is an example of:


B. CO2

C. SO4

D. H20

General Science

Sound waves from a loudspeaker are caused by

A. frequency

B. vibrations

C. pitch

D. amplitude

General Science

Which of the following human bones is the knee bone?

A. Patella

B. Clavicle

C. Stapes

D. Phalanx

General Science

The heart of a normal adult human being weights about

A. 200g

B. 300g

C. 400g

D. 500g

General Science

The lightning conductor or rod used for protecting buildings from lightning is made of:

A. Copper

B. Iron

C. Aluminium

D. None of these

General Science

Which of the following pathogen type cause disease that can be treated with antibiotics?

A. Bacteria

B. Fungi

C. Virus

D. None of these

General Science

The longest bone in human body is ______ ?

A. Ulna

B. Tibia

C. Femur

D. Humerus

Logical Reasoning

If it is possible to make a meaningful word from the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the eighth and the eleventh letters of the word GOURMANDISE using each letter only once first letter of the word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed your answer is X. If no such word can be formed your answer is Y.

A. D

B. R

C. M

D. X

Pakistan Studies

The area between rivers Jhelum and Chenab is called?

A. Gandhara

B. Chaj

C. Taxila

D. Harrapa

Pakistan Studies

The common value among the people of Pakistan is?

A. Dress

B. Language

C. Habits

D. Islam

Pakistan Studies

KRL Stands for:

A. Khan Research Laboratories

B. Kahuta Research Laboratories

C. Karachi Research Laboratories

D. None of them

Pakistan Studies

Name the ancient site that was the forerunner of the Indus Civilization

A. Makli

B. Kot Diji

C. Kola

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

The tune of national of anthem is based on:

A. Eastern music

B. Western music

C. Persian music

D. Arabic music

Pakistan Studies

From where does the River Indus originate

A. Jammu

B. Kashmir

C. Pamir

D. Tibet

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan successfully launched its submarine launched cruise missile Babur 3 on?

A. 9 Jan 2017

B. 10 Jan 2017

C. 11 Jan 2017

D. 12 Jan 2017

Pakistan Studies

What was the age of Quaid-e-Azam when he joined All India Muslim League

A. 27

B. 30

C. 37

D. 35

Pakistan Studies

After independence the first industrial unit inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam was

A. Adamjee Paper Mills

B. Valika Textile Mills

C. Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works

D. Pakistan Jute Mills

Pakistan Studies

Baglihar Dam a disputed dam between India and Pakistan has been built in:

A. Held Kashmir

B. Azad Kashmir

C. Amratsar

D. Delhi

Pakistan Studies

The highest population density rate in Pakistan is in:

A. Punjab


C. Islamabad

D. Sindh

History of Pakistan and India

Sylhet district as the time of partition was part of the province of

A. Bengal

B. Assam

C. Bihar

D. U.P

History of Pakistan and India

MAO college was founded in:

A. 1865

B. 1875

C. 1885

D. None of these

History of Pakistan and India

First viceroy of India

A. Lord wavell

B. Lord Mountbattern

C. Lord Canning

D. None of these

History of Pakistan and India

When was Bengal partitioned?

A. 1905

B. 1906

C. 1907

D. None of these

History of Pakistan and India

Who was Ambassador of Hind-Muslim unity?

A. Gandhi

B. Patel

C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

D. None of these

History of Pakistan and India

The last Mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne was:

A. Bahadur Shah Zafar

B. Aurangzeb

C. Muhammad Shah

D. Shah Alam II

History of Pakistan and India

In Indian provincial election 1937, the Congress emerged in power in how many provinces?

A. 7

B. 8

C. 9

D. 10

Pakistan Current Affairs

Pakistan, Turkey and _______ have announced setting up a joint English language channel to confront the challenges posed by Islamophobia:

A. Malaysia

B. Indonesia

C. Saudi Arabia

D. Egypt

General Knowledge

'Confucianism' as a religious mythology originated in :

A. Japan

B. Greece

C. China

D. Nepal

Islamic Studies

What was the relation between Prophet Ismail (A.S) and Prophet Ishaq (A.S)?

A. Prophet Ismail (A.S) was father of Prophet Ishaq (A.S)

B. Prophet Ishaq (A.S) was father of Prophet Ismail (A.S)

C. Brothers

D. Cousins

Islamic Studies

Hazrat ____________ conquered the fort of Qamus.

A. Ali

B. Abu Bakar

C. Umar

D. Usman

Islamic Studies

Abdul Mutalib died in ___________ A.D.

A. 578

B. 579

C. 580

D. 581

Islamic Studies

A female is coffined/wrapped in __ dressed sheets:

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 2

Islamic Studies

Who died in the "Year of Sorrow"?

A. Hazrat Fatima and Hazrat Maria (R.A)

B. Hazrat Khadijah and Hazrat Abu Tablib (R.A)

C. Hazrat Umer and Hazrat Zaid (R.A)

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

Which punishment was introduced by Hazrat Umar (R.A)?

A. Exile

B. Death

C. Imprisonment

D. Cutting of hands

Islamic Studies

Hijra (Migration) from Makkah to Madina started in which Nabvi year?

A. 12th

B. 13th

C. 14th

D. 15th

Islamic Studies

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani belonged to

A. Baghdad

B. Lebanon

C. Sham

D. Iraq

Islamic Studies

How many times Hazrat Ayyub (peace be upon him) mentioned in the Holy Quran?

A. Three

B. Four

C. Six

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

Who was the first one to conquer Persia?

A. Hazrat Abu Bakr bin Jarrah (RA)

B. Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqqas (RA)

C. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA)

D. Hazrat Usama bin Zaid (RA)

Islamic Studies

Which is the 7th month of Islamic Calendar?

A. Muharram

B. Shawal

C. Rajab

D. Shabaan

Islamic Studies

Safi-Ullah is the title of:

A. Hazrat Idrees (AS)

B. Hazrat Noah (AS)

C. Hazrat Adm (AS)

D. Hazrat Musa (AS)

Islamic Studies

At which occasion did Salat become an obligation (Farz)?

A. Miraj

B. Hijrat

C. Conquest of Makkah

D. Visit of Taif

Islamic Studies

Which of the following sufi saint belong to Chishtia order

A. Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zikria

B. Hazrat Shah Rukn-i-Alam

C. Hazrat Farid -ud-din Ganj Shakr

D. None of the above

Islamic Studies

What are literal meanings of Zamzam?

A. To impede

B. To Stop Flowing

C. To gush forth

D. To run ahead

Islamic Studies

Ablution made obligatory in _____ A.H.

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Islamic Studies

The Juma Prayer is not compulsory for

A. Men

B. Women

C. Both A and B

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

Who was the first writer of 'Wahi' in Quraish?

A. Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R.A)

B. Hazrat Arqam (R.A)

C. Hazrat Abdul Rehman Bin Auf (R.A)

D. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (R.A)

Islamic Studies

Who introduced pause marks on Holy Quran ?

A. Umar bin Abdul Aziz

B. Hajaj bin Yusuf

C. Imam Jafar Sadiq

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

Syed tul Shuhda was the title of:

A. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed R.A

B. Hazrat Umar R.A

C. Hazrat Hamza R.A

D. None of these