Sub-Inspector (FIA) Preparation

This is randomly generated sample paper for the post of Sub-Inspector (FIA) according to the Syllabus. It will be renewed everytime when you will return or refresh the Page.


Antonym of IMPAIR is _____________?

A. Supplant

B. Enhance

C. Extend

D. Graceful


Antonym of TRUMPERY is:

A. Treasure

B. Wastage

C. Defeat

D. Vague


Antonym of ABSOLUTE is:

A. Scarce

B. Limited

C. Faulty

D. Deficient


The antonym of PACIFY is:

A. Punish

B. Provoke

C. Cuddle

D. Exhort


The synonym of ACRID is:

A. athlete

B. pungent

C. junior

D. incompetent


The synonym of BELIE is:

A. doubt

B. contradict

C. bargain

D. suppress


The synonym of BIDDABLE is:

A. designing

B. complaint

C. chance

D. keep away


The synonym of FRATERNAL is:

A. boldness

B. comradely

C. leap at

D. rest on


The synonym of FRUGALITY is:

A. boldness

B. thrift

C. leap at

D. rest on


The synonym of GROVEL is:

A. secured

B. plead

C. genuine

D. sound


Antonym of DEVIANT is _____________?

A. Bent

B. Devious

C. Regular

D. Atypical


Antonym of ” Pessimistic ” is _____________?

A. Devoted

B. Cheat

C. Despondent

D. Hopeful


She should better have an electrician __________ that switches in the kitchen.

A. repair

B. reparied

C. to repair

D. None of these


He succeeded _________ working hard.

A. through

B. by

C. for

D. None of these


I laughed ___________ him __________ making silly mistake.

A. On, for

B. On, of

C. at, for

D. None of these


Complete the Sentence "I was surprised by the large _______ people who came".

A. Quantity of

B. Number of

C. Amount of

D. Total of


He complains _________ headache.

A. for

B. at

C. of

D. None of these


Express the meaning of the word 'rocked'.

A. exhausted

B. stupid

C. excited

D. innocent


He said good ________ to his friend.

A. By

B. Bye

C. Buy

D. None of these


He took leave ______ his father.

A. From

B. With

C. By

D. Of

Computer Science

Rearranging data in a new sequence is known as:

A. Updating

B. Batching

C. Sorting

D. Summarising

Computer Science

A bootstrap is:

A. The flat cable that connects the CPU to the printer

B. The flat cable from the disk controller card to the dist drive

C. Additional memory device

D. A small initialization program to start up the computer

Computer Science

The time for which a piece of equipment operates is called

A. Seek time

B. Effective time

C. Access time

D. Real time

Computer Science

Binary numbers need more places for counting because

A. They are always big numbers

B. Any no. of 0's can be added in front of them

C. Binary base is small

D. 0's and l's have to be properly spaced apart

Computer Science

One kilobyte = ____ bytes.

A. 1250

B. 2088

C. 1024

D. 1000

Computer Science

The operating system may perform _____________ operation to manage the memory while running a large program.

A. Sorting

B. Scheduling

C. Paging

D. None of these

Computer Science

When each item of data in a database is directly linked with every other item of data, the database is called _____________.

A. Relational

B. Hierarchical

C. Network

D. None of these

Computer Science

Which of these keys are used in MS Word for undo?

A. Ctrl+n

B. Ctrl+v

C. Ctrl+z

D. Ctrl+k

Computer Science

Insert hyperlink in MS Word:

A. Ctrl+ G

B. Ctrl+ h

C. Ctrl+ k

D. Ctrl+ I

Computer Science

To apply small size of text in MS Word:





Computer Science

Page up key is used to move:

A. one line up

B. one page up

C. one screen up

D. None of these

Computer Science

Press _____________ to repeat recent find in Power Point.

A. Ctrl + F4

B. Shift + F4

C. Ctrl + F5

D. None of these

Computer Science

Which table displays the content of slide in normal view?

A. View

B. Layout

C. Outline

D. None of these

Computer Science

Which one of the following is considered to be one of the fathers of internet?

A. Vinton Gray Cerf

B. Bill Gates

C. Charles Babbage

D. Steve Jobs

Computer Science

CD is an optical disk format that is used to hold:

A. Prerecorded Text

B. Graphics

C. Sound

D. All of these

Computer Science

PNG is a file extension of:

A. Audio

B. Image

C. Video

D. Flash

Computer Science

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) service is related to

A. Computer for connecting with World Wide Web

B. Mobile phones to connect with internet

C. Hotlines for secret coding

D. Fax machines for transmitting messages

Computer Science

Which type of software is an operating system?

A. Utility Software

B. System software

C. Application software

D. Firmware software

Computer Science

Insert Date, Format Page Number and Insert Auto Text are buttons on the _____ toolbar.

A. Formatting

B. Header and footer

C. Standard

D. Edit

Islamic Studies

Prophet addressed Khutba-e-Jumaa for first time in _________ Hijrah ?

A. 1st

B. 2nd

C. 3rd

D. 4th

Islamic Studies

Hurrirah means a ?

A. Goat

B. Ant

C. Camel

D. Cat

Islamic Studies

The longest verse of the Holy Quran is in which Sura?

A. Yasin

B. Al-Baqarah

C. Muzammil

D. Al-Rehman

Islamic Studies

Who died in the "Year of Sorrow"?

A. Hazrat Fatima and Hazrat Maria (R.A)

B. Hazrat Khadijah and Hazrat Abu Tablib (R.A)

C. Hazrat Umer and Hazrat Zaid (R.A)

D. None of these

Islamic Studies

The shortest Surah in the Holy Quran is:

A. Surah An-Nisa

B. Surah Al-Ahzab

C. Surah Al-Baqarah

D. Surah Al-Kausar

Islamic Studies

When was Holy Prophet PBUH was born?

A. 570 A.D

B. 572 A.D

C. 571 A.D

D. 573 A.D

Islamic Studies

The battle of Badr is discussed in which Surah

A. Anfal

B. Muhammad

C. Yaaseen

D. Aal-e-Imran

Islamic Studies

Zakat became obligatory in:

A. 1 AH

B. 2 AH

C. 6 AH

D. 8 AH

Islamic Studies

Islamic official seal started in

A. 1 Muharram

B. 2 Muharram

C. 3 Muharram

D. 4 Muharram

Islamic Studies

First Umayyad Caliph was ?

A. Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan

B. Yazid

C. Marwan

D. Abdul Malik

Pakistan Studies

There were many causes of War of Independence in 1857. Out of these the British policy of expansion, new agrarian policy, policy of converting locals to Christianity and effects of Jehad Movement were very conspicuous. However, the step which ignited war was the:

A. Introduction of greased cartridges

B. Doctrine of Lapse

C. Ridiculing of Muslim culture

D. Joblessness of thousands of soldiers

Pakistan Studies

The book entitled "The Indian Mussalmans" published in 1871 was written by:

A. Syed Ahmed Khan

B. William Hunter

C. Col. Smith

D. Robert Brown

Pakistan Studies

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan gave an effective reply to Sir William Muir's work "Life of Muhammad" through his treatise entitles:

A. Tabeen-ul-Kalam

B. Risalah Tehzib-ul-Akhlaq

C. Asrar-ul-Sanadid

D. Khutbat-i-Ahmadiyah

Pakistan Studies

Who was the founder of Daily English Newspaper Dawn?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan

B. Z.A Sulehri

C. Quaid-e-Azam

D. None of them

Pakistan Studies

In which of the following cities All India Muslim League was found?

A. Delhi

B. Lahore

C. Dhaka

D. Allahabad

Pakistan Studies

Major Shabbir Sharif was awarded Nishan-e-Haider, Which other model for bravery was he awarded during his career in the Army

A. Tamgha-e-Basalat

B. Nishan-e-Shujat

C. Hilal-e-Jurat

D. Sitar-e-Jurat

Pakistan Studies

In March 2015, the UN decided to increase Pakistan’s Continental Shelf from 200 to 350 nautical miles. When did Pakistan submit its request for increasing limits of its Continental Shelf, to the UN?

A. March 2008

B. April 2009

C. January 2012

D. February 2013

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan joined UNO in:

A. 30 Sep 1947

B. 30 Sep 1948

C. 30 Sep 1949

D. 25 Sep 1950

Pakistan Studies

What is the retirement age of a Judge of Supreme Court in Pakistan?

A. 60 years

B. 65 years

C. 67 years

D. 70 years

Pakistan Studies

Who was the first Muslim Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Air Force?

A. Air Marshall Asghar Khan

B. Air Marshal Noor Khan

C. Air Marshall Abdul Rahim Khan

D. Air Marshall Zafar Chaudhry

Pakistan Studies

Military courts were made in Pakistan in

A. 2014

B. 2016

C. 2015

D. 2010

Pakistan Studies

Which US president visited Pakistan first

A. Dwight D Eisenhower

B. George W. Bush

C. Richad Nixon

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

The largest fort of Pakistan that is Rani Kot Fort is situated near the city:

A. Hyderabad

B. Peshawar

C. Rawalpindi

D. Lahore

Pakistan Studies

Approximately how much part of Jammu and Kashmir is under India's occupation

A. 1/3

B. 2/3

C. 3/4

D. 1/2

Pakistan Studies

Non-party elections held in Pakistan in

A. 1985

B. 1995

C. 2008

D. None of the above

Pakistan Studies

Most of the electricity in Pakistan is produced by

A. Hydal Power

B. Nuclear Power

C. Solar Power

D. Thermal Power

Pakistan Studies

Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan ?

A. Syed Tahir Sarwar

B. Ahmed Sheerin Khan

C. Syed Rashid Ahmad

D. None of the above

Pakistan Studies

Qadianis were declared non Muslim Minority on:

A. 7th August 1974

B. 7th September 1974

C. 7th October 1974

D. None of these

General Knowledge

G.T Road was constructed by __________?

A. Altimush

B. Muhammad Taghluq

C. Feroz Taghluq

D. Sher Shah Suri

General Knowledge

Which international arbitration institution fined Pakistan in Reko Diq mining case?

A. International Court of Arbitration

B. London Court of International Arbitration

C. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

D. None

General Knowledge

“Sense and Sensibility” was written by:____________?

A. Shakespeare’s

B. Jhon Milton

C. Jane Austen

D. Methew Arnold

General Knowledge

Channel Tunnel is an Under Sea Rail Tunnel that linked ___________ ?

A. America and Mexico

B. England and France

C. France and Germany

D. England and Germany

General Knowledge

Allama Iqbal did his Ph D from

A. Temple Inn London

B. London University, London

C. Munich University, Germany

D. None of the above

General Knowledge

Who among the following is the oldest election winning Prime Minister?

A. Imran Khan

B. Narendra Modi

C. Trump

D. Mahathir Muhammad

General Knowledge

Who was the father of Allama Iqbal?

A. Sheikh Noor Muhammad

B. Sheikh Noor Illahi

C. Sheikh Ahmad Din

D. None of the above

General Knowledge

Who said, 'where wealth accumulates men decay'

A. Abraham Lincoin

B. Winston Churchill

C. Goldsmith

D. Roosevelt

General Knowledge

What is meant by Laissez-Faire

A. Mixed Economy

B. Non-interference of govt. in economic affairs

C. Controlled economy

D. None of the these

General Knowledge

White goods are

A. Basic raw materials

B. Durable consumptions goods

C. Cosmetic articles

D. Goods imported from western countries

General Knowledge

'Confucianism' as a religious mythology originated in :

A. Japan

B. Greece

C. China

D. Nepal

General Knowledge

Ahmad Shah Masoud was a prominent leader of the Northem Alliance in Afghanistan. To which he belong?

A. Pashtun

B. Uzbek

C. Tajik

D. Hazara

General Knowledge

Most read book in the world is ?

A. The betrothed

B. The Bible

C. Quotation

D. None of these

General Knowledge

Air bus is manufacturing company located in

A. France


C. Japan

D. Pakistan

General Knowledge

Indian P.M Narenda Moda according to Hindu caste system is

A. Ghanchi

B. Sudras

C. Vesh

D. None of these

General Knowledge

The Gandhara civilization followed ?

A. Barbarianism

B. Fire Worship

C. Buddism

D. Jainism

General Knowledge

Britian was:

A. One party system

B. Two Party system

C. One Democratic party system

D. Multi party system

General Knowledge

Which country had the world's first woman Prime Minister?

A. New Zealand

B. India

C. Sri Lanka

D. Pakistan

General Knowledge

The world oldest parliament is the:

A. US-Congress

B. Japan-Diet

C. Iceland-Althing

D. UK-Parliament

General Knowledge

In which year Barack Obama receive the Nobel Prize for peace ?

A. 2008

B. 2009

C. 2010

D. 2011

General Knowledge

ATM means:

A. Announcment Time Machine

B. Automated Teller Machine

C. Automatic Time Machine

D. Animated Time Machine

General Knowledge

SAVAK is a secret agency of?

A. Iran

B. Iraq

C. Syria

D. Egypt

General Knowledge

Who was the painter of Mona Lisa ?

A. Leonardo da Vinci

B. F.A. Bartholdi

C. Henry Smith

D. None of these

General Knowledge

What do you understand by Ultima ratio?

A. Final argument

B. Final result

C. An affair of the heart

D. None of these

General Knowledge

What do you understand by Ultima ratio?

A. An affair of the heart

B. Beyond limits

C. Beyond one's authority

D. None of these


The Keil canal links the:

A. Pacific and Atlantic Ocean

B. Mediterranean and Red Sea

C. Mediterranean and Black Sea

D. North Sea and Baltic Sea

History of Pakistan and India

Who was Ambassador of Hind-Muslim unity?

A. Gandhi

B. Patel

C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

D. None of these

History of Pakistan and India

Congress agreed separate electorates for Muslims in:

A. Reforms Pact

B. Delhi Pact

C. Lucknow Pact

D. Delhi Muslim Pact

History of Pakistan and India

Loyal Muhammadans of India was authored by:

A. Syed Ameer Ali

B. Syed Ahmed Khan

C. Mohsin ul Mulk

D. Mr. Wheeler

History of Pakistan and India

Who was the first one to give the two nation theory ?

A. Shah Waliullah

B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar

D. Quaid e Azam


Which of the following statements about types of market or industry is false?

A. There are many firms in both perfect competition and monopolistic competition.

B. Costs must be kept as low as possible in both monopolistic competition and monopoly.

C. There may be homogeneous products in both perfect competition and oligopoly.

D. There are barriers to entry in both oligopoly and monopoly.


A profit-maximizing monopolist sets an output of 100 per day and a price of £10. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The firm's SMC and MR curves intersect at an output of 100, and the point on its demand curve at this output is at £10.

B. The firm's SMC and MR curves intersect at an output of 100, and the point on its MR curve at this output is at £10.

C. The firm's SMC and AR curves intersect at an output of 100, and the point on its MR curve at this output is at £10.

D. The firm's SMC and AR curves intersect at an output of 100, and the point on its AR curve at this output is at £10.


Suppose at various times, the regulator of a natural monopoly switches its rules as shown in the following four statements. Which switch might not result in the firm making a lower loss or more profit?

A. A switch from a marginal cost pricing rule to a two-part tariff.

B. A switch from an average cost pricing rule to rate of return regulation.

C. A switch from rate of return regulation to revenue cap regulation.

D. A switch from revenue cap regulation to price cap regulation.