Assistant Director Labor Welfare (2017) Preparation

International Organizations

World Humanitarian Summit (WH5) conference was held on 23-24 May, 2016 in:

A. Cairo, Egype

B. New York, US

C. Instanbul, Turkey

D. Paris, France


Synonym of Malice is

A. Kind

B. Pleasant Surprise

C. Desire

D. Hatred

International Organizations

Who was the first secretary general of UNO?

A. U Thant

B. Dag Hmmarksjold

C. Kurt Waldheim

D. Trygve Lie

Pakistan Studies

The first Round Table Conference was held in ?

A. Berlin

B. Delhi

C. Calcutta

D. London


Complete the Idiom "Hell hath no fury like ____"

A. A woman scorned

B. A burned woman

C. A woman forgotten

D. A Devil's advocate

Pakistan Studies

How many seats did the All India Muslim League win in the Central Legislative Assembly in the 1945 elections in India ?

A. 40

B. 35

C. 30

D. 60


Find the square of 35:

A. 4175

B. 1125

C. 1225

D. 1245

Pakistan Studies

Gandhi raised the slogan of "Quit India". Which slogan did Quaid-e-Azam raise to counter it?

A. Divide and Rule

B. Divide and Quit

C. Rule and Divide

D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

"Yaum-e-Takbeer " in Pakistan is celebrated on:

A. 6 September

B. 16 December

C. 23 March

D. 28 May

General Knowledge

The largest cricket stadium of World is:

A. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

B. Eden Garden, Kolkata

C. The Oval, London

D. Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore