Assistant Director NAB (2012) Preparation

General Knowledge

Ricardo Lagos Escobar was the president of:

A. Venezuela

B. Argentina

C. Chile

D. Colombia


What do you understand by 'Laissez faire' ?

A. Active Intervention

B. Sound commercial affairs

C. Interference by the state in law and order

D. None of these

Books and Literature

"Essay on the life of Muhammad (PBUH)" is written by:

A. Sharif Miyahud

B. Tufail Ahmed

C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

D. Allama Iqbal

General Knowledge

Who was the first Canadian in space ?

A. Dirk Fremont

B. Roberta Bondar

C. Toyohiro Akiyama

D. Marc Garneau

General Knowledge

Who among the following received Nobel Prize twice for the two different subjects?

A. Frederic Jolit

B. Frederic Sanger

C. Stanley Cohen

D. Marie Curie


The shortest river of the world is located in



C. Congo

D. Russia


The deepest lake in Siberia

A. Baikal Lake

B. Superior Lake

C. Huron Lake

D. Aral Sea

General Science

Which is the largest lake of the world ?

A. Caspian Sea

B. Superior Lake

C. Huron Lake

D. Aral Sea


Which is the largest gulf ?

A. Arabian Gulf

B. Gulf of Mexico

C. Gulf of Oman

D. None of the above

General Knowledge

What is "Great Bear" ?

A. Waterfall

B. Lake

C. Sea

D. Animal